We are manufacturing and selling power tool accessories and hand spare tools for the tool industry
under the name “Onishi style Gimlets/drill bit” at hardware shops as well as DIY shops in Japan.
And, we have been developing technology by ourselves and supply power tool brand company and having a wide range of business rote to overseas.


Management Policy
To commit to manufacturing high-quality products.
To connect with people.
To develop product for high custom satisfaction.

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In 1955, we established and started manufacturing and selling various hardware tools such as woodworking auger bits and hand spare tools in Kakogawa city next to Miki city where is the oldest hardware city in Japan.

In the beginning, we have been selling through distributors in Miki city. And we are increasing our products lineup step by step with the times, our product needs and our business style of commencing routes have been changing from Homeware shops, electric commerce site to other specialised fields and having connection customer directly.

Today, we are having many connections with client and customers and growing step by step from the establishment. We will contribute to society by developing high-quality products with long cultivated Japanese skills for the needs to meet customer’s requirements on a daily basis and delivering them to our customers. We do our best to develop and innovative products with our own technological capabilities and are selling them.

As we passed over 60 years from establishment,
we would like to be a company which is important and essential to society and cooperates to building a sustainable society. We look forward to your continuous support for our products for years to come.

 President & Representative Director.

Tomiaki Onishi


To provide to society by
creating value through reliability and high skills.

  • About Reliability

    1. To receive reliability of "Onishi Brand" from clients and the end of users.
    2. To receive reliability of relationship between employer and employee, and between colleagues.
    3. To receive reliability from cherish the connections with people.
  • About skills

    1. To accumulated over the years history of developed product technology know-how.
    2. To commit to product development・high quality of product.
    3. To improve high quality of drill bit with specialised machine processing.
  • About Values

    1. The high-quality products for receiving customer satisfaction.
    2. The managing lead time to distributors.
    3. Extensive product lineup
    4. The holding capacity for mass production.
  • About providing to society

    1. To have wide sight for demand in global society, and to approach custom needs.
    2. To keep manufacturing long hit products from social demand and continue to be a required company from society.

About Principles

  • 1.
    To have achieving goals, critical thinking, creative skills,
    responsibility to do action.
  • 2.
    To engage cooperation・harmonizing
    each other and sharing joy together.
  • 3.
    To make efforts for safe and comfortable working environment

PROFILECompany Overview

Location 〒675-0009
790-1 Kanno-cho, Kakogawa city Hyogo, Japan
Founding 1953 (Showa 28)
Capital 18 million yen
Representative President & Representative Director. Tomiaki Onishi
Number of employees 44 people (as of January 1, 2021)
Service ・Manufacture and sell various drill bits.
・Manufacture and sell woodworking Accessories.
・Manufacture and sell crimping tools.
*Please have a look products infromation for more detail.
Overseas affiliate Company Vietnam local subsidiary:
Onishi Vietnam Co., Ltd.


Mr. Tomiyoshi Onishi started established Onishi Industrial company
Mr. Tomiyoshi Onishi and Mr.Fukuji Onishi were started manufacturing and selling development of "lock board gimlet". (Current Main Product: Short Auger Bits)
Started manufacturing and to be selling through of the distributer at hardware stores in all Japan.
Started manufacturing wood auger bits so-called gimlet.
Established as "ONISHI Manufacturing CO., LTD."
Birth of "ONISHI style" of gimlet.
Capital: 2 million yen
Trademark Registration
Mr. Shouzo Onishi becomes President & Representative Director.
A part of the factory area was burned down by a fire.
Started manufacturing and selling Crimping pliers (Crimping tools).
Mr. Fujio Onishi become President & Representative Director.
Mr. Fukuji Onishi become President & Representative Director.
Started manufacturing and selling Hex shank Iron drill bits.
Mr. Togo Onishi become President & Representative Director.
Increase capital the capital 18 million yen.
Started manufacturing and selling Hex shank Concrete Drills and hex shank taps.
Opened the Logistic Centre for Sales Department office.
Mr. Masayuki Onishi become President & Representative Director.
Joined the JAPAN DIY・HC Association
Joined the MIKI Industry Association
Mr. Shouhei Onishi become President & Representative Director.
Started manufacturing and selling Hex Shank spiral tap.
Be certified MIKI Hardware Trademark Company by MIKI Hardware Commerce and Industry Cooperative Association.
50th anniversary
Registered design patent 'saw' so-called "Kote no Ko 135" in Japanese.
"Kote no Ko 135" received the JAPAN DIY・HC association chairman award.
Established overseas affiliate company "Onishi Vietnam Co., Ltd" in Dong Nai, Vietnam.
Mr. Tomiaki Onishi become President & Representative Director.
Registered design patent 'Composite shank taps' so-called 'Nejikirerunen' in Japanese.
Installed new computerised numerical control(CNC) Lathe machine.
Expand of Logistics Center area.
Registered design patent 'Shot Auger Bits Twin'.
60th anniversary
Introduction of digitalisation
Renewal Company cooperates site.



790-1 Saijo Kanno-cho Kakogawa City Hyogo Prefecture

TEL. +81-79-438-1230 (Reception Desk)

FAX. +81-79-348-2424

Logistic Centre

823 Saijo Kanno-cho Kakogawa City Hyogo Prefecture

TEL. +81-79-438-2240

FAX. +81-79-348-3171