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We have earned solid trust by
'Keeping quality' and 'Lead time for mass production'.


Utilising the long-term know-how cultivated in about 70 years since our foundation, we develop and manufacture power tool accessories and hand tools with independent innovation to focus on quality.
We as specialised company and to built social development and foundation by supplying high quality and performance products.


Woodworking auger bits are under the name “Onishi style Gimlets/drill bit” are sold for the tool industry at hardware shops as well as DIY shops. We have line up a famous log sale drill bit and accepting a small volume lot. We cooperate with each mushroom fungus brand company to develop and supply products for mushroom cultivation with raw wood.

Made by ONISHI4 features


6 Series
wide range line up

We are manufacturing and selling six various products such as woodworking drill bits, hex shank drill bits, hex shank taps, crimping tools, SDS shank drill bits, VX drill bits as our own brand. Our many products are awarded by design patents and we also develop new and innovative various products.

Power tool accessories・Hand tool

  • Manufacture and sell a woodworking drill bits

    We are releasing products by drawn samples with developed ideas in house for per customer needs of a range of professional and bigger. We are supplying special products for special industries.

  • Manufacture and sell a hex shank drill bits

    Hex shank drill bit for each work material iron, concrete, stainless steel adjust for impact driver and started to sell the first production in Japan.

  • Manufacture and sell a hex shank taps

    Hex shank tap is for adjusting power tools making thread and fixing thread. We realised shifting from tap handle to power tool to support shortening working time.

  • Manufacture and sell SDS shank drill bits

    SDS bits are manufacturing and selling with licensing agreement with BOSCH (Germany).

  • Manufacture and sell crimping hand tools

    We are developing crimping tools (for insulated terminals, non-insulated solderless terminals, open barrel type terminals) to support various size terminals and precision processing to improve crimping accuracy.

  • Sell Vx drill bits

    We are teaching and building Japanese style and manufacturing with long cultivated Japanese technology at affiliated company Onishi Vietnam and selling as 2nd our brand in domestic.


We can make the various Auger Bits to comply with OEM・
your requirement custom-made products.

We cooperate with each brand of various industries and supplying products as specified part ・OEM brand. We are meeting the challenges of needs of customers while still presenting and supplying custom-made tools produced according to any drawing, sketch, or samples per your requirements widely from overseas customers too. We can make the special woodwork drill to the high skill require with make the best use of long term cultivated know-how.
We are complying from 1pcs to your requirement to presenting and manufacturing for achieving satisfying each customer. We carry out manufacturing with having "monozukuri spirit" and good faith every day.


Available production for needs.

We have two production hubs in Japan and Vietnam for corresponding customer needs and making a High-Variety Low-Volume manufacturing system. We are teaching and building Japanese style and manufacturing with long cultivated Japanese technology and selling as 2nd our brand.


From「Made in JAPAN」
  To「Made by ONISHI」

We are selling not only domestic market but also often participating exhibition and trading in wide overseas with recognised high-quality skill and professionalism as a craftsman. In the future, we continue to supply our adapted products in each market.
We mainly export to Europe, America, East / Southeast Asia and other countries.

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