shiitake mushrooms drill bits

Shiitake mushroom materials

■ How to choose shiitake mushroom bits


Farmer Electric drill Stable lead type Mushroom Bits High Speed Lead Type
Crescentic type of good excreting wood chip High Speed Crescentic Type
High-speed steel for high durability Ultra High Speed Lead Type
Stopper type Mushroom Bits with Stopper 
Amateur Impact driver Stopper type Hex Shank Mushroom Drill Bits With Stopper
No electrical tool Hummer Shiitake Mushroom Hammer 



■ How to choose size of shiitake mushroom bits.

Bland of fungus size of bits (mm)
Kinkou seed fungus (Japan agricultural cooperatives ) 8.0
Akiyama seed fungus 8.5
Fuji seed fungus 8.7
Mori seed fungus 9.2
Kinkou seed fungus 9.3
Sawdust spawn of all brand 12.0
Plug spawn 12.5

■ Good planting of fungus





■ Eligible tree for mushroom cultivation table


Depending on the type of mushroom, the relevant tree will be different.
Please use this table to find the appropriate species of tree and fungus.


Shiitake Mashroom Pholiota Nameko Pearl Oyster Mushroom Enoki Mashroom Cloud Ear Mushroom Brick Cap Golden Oyster Mushroom Pholiota Aurivella Bunaharitake Mushroom Mukitake Mushroom Reishi Mushroom
Japanese Hophornbeam
Chinese Cork Oak
Japanese Snowbell
Chinese Hackberry
Lobed Elm            
Persimmon Tree              
Bamboo-Leaf Oak            
Sweet Oak
Sawtooth Oak
Chestnut Tree              
Walnut Tree  
Mulberry Tree        
Zelkova Tree
Jolcham Oak
Cherry Blossom Tree
Chinquapin tree
Hornbeam Tree
Machilus Tree
Horse Chestnut
Japanese Poplar
Persian Silk Tree
Castor Aralia Tree
Japanese Elm Tree
Japanese Alder Tree
Japanese Beech Tree
Japanese Bigleaf Magnolia Tree
Poplar Tree
Swida Controversa
Mongolian Oak
Japanese Cherry Birch
Scabrous Aphananthe
Japanese Green Alder
Manchurian Ash
Willow tree
Apple tree

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