Woodworking drill bits

The name of place and role

Diameter (Size): It is possible size of a hole.
Head type: Screw point
Design screw point for not pushing requirement when you are drilling.
Spur: Spur is located opposite the cutting edge. It scribes the circumference of the hole before scoop wood chips up and making cleaner faster drilling.
Cutting lip : Cutting lip is the main blade for drill bit and scooping wood chips and transforming onto the flute.
Flute: Scooping wood chips up and supporting faster wood chip ejection.
Shank Diameter: Shank part is for installing with electric power tools. There is hex shank and round shank and triangle shank as well as SDS plus shank, and others. Different shank requires different power tools. please check the specification of the applicable model before purchasing.
Stem: Stem is the main part and supports to drill bits for less runout.
Spiral land: Polished spiral land is making tapered and helping smooth push in and pull out.

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