The fun of creating thin

Production department - 17 years since joining K.T.


What is the word for our drill?

It is a drill that everyone who uses it is "safe and secure to use and durable".

What is your current job?

My job is to make woodworking drills (commonly known as gymne), but I am doing heat treatment and polishing in the 7th and 8th processes out of 10 processes. We are in the final stage until the gymne becomes a product, and heat treatment is the durability of the product and hardness is important, so we pay particular attention to temperature control. In the polishing process, iron scraps that have been cut and adhered are carefully removed over time and polished while pursuing sharpness.

What is the real thrill and reward of your work?

The fun of creating things from drawings. Also, I am happy when the company approves the processing method that we have come up with. It was a time when we were able to achieve the desire to make one product a better product.

What are the necessary conditions and qualifications for getting a job in our manufacturing position?

Those who like manufacturing. And at our company, it is possible to know the industry by actually seeing from machining to craftsmanship that can not be achieved by machining, through various processes until one product is completed. Please try to spread. In addition, we have various machines, each of which is a special machine developed by us and specialized in processing, so if you are interested in a unique machine, please try our company.



  • 7:30

    Arrive at work

  • 7:45

    Machine startup

  • 8:00

    Daily total check of the previous day
    Preparation and delivery of processing request to subcontractor

  • 8:30

    After setup
    Processing work

  • 10:00

    Leader meeting

  • 10:30

    Processing work


  • 12:00

    Lunch break

  • 12:45

    Processing work resumed

  • 15:00

    Unannounced inspection

  • 17:30

    Leave the company