There are many friends

Sales department - 4th year after joining S.I


What is your current job?

We are engaged in sales activities to sell various drills for woodworking, ironworking, concrete, etc.

What is the real thrill and reward of your work?

There are specialized hardware stores, home improvement stores, tool industry, etc. all over the country, and many dealers have adopted it, so the responsibility required is great. By gaining experience and skills, you will gain confidence and find it interesting.

Please tell us the atmosphere of your workplace.

We are promoting the acceptance of Vietnamese trainees, so it is bright and fun to be able to interact with people who have foreign nationalities even though they are in Japan. It is also characterized by many reliable seniors and fun friends.

What are you aware of when you work?

We value the connection with agents, dealers, and customers.

What is the fun of the holidays?

I value time with my family and try to have fun with my daughter, such as walking.

What made you join the company?

Before I joined the company, I had exchanges with the president and other employees, so I joined the company without prejudice when the president asked me, "Would you like to work with me?" did. I didn't have any specialized knowledge, but with the guidance and advice of my seniors, I was able to carry out my duties to this day, and I am glad that I joined the company.

What are the requirements and qualifications required to get a job in our sales position?

As mentioned above, knowledge and skills will be acquired with the careful guidance and advice of seniors, so I don't think there is any special need, but if you force it, you can listen to and understand the opinions of customers. I think ability is important. At the time of negotiations and business negotiations, we will be involved in the next business development depending on how we listen to opinions and connect the stories together within a fixed time. After that, those who can communicate (those who can enjoy dialogue between people) can get used to it faster, both inside and outside the company, and things will go smoothly.



  • 7:30

    Arrive at work

  • 8:00

    Preparation for shipping, preparation of materials, reply to emails with customers, etc.

  • 10:00



  • 13:00

    Delivery to customers and business negotiations

  • 17:00

    Return to work

  • 17:10

    E-mail reply with customers, preparation for the next day, etc.

  • 17:30

    Leave the company