I want to promote myself

Production department - 7th year since joining M.K.


What is your current job?

My job is to make woodworking drills (commonly known as gymne), but I am doing grooving and squeeze blade processing in the 5th and 6th processes out of 10 processes. Grooving is the most time-consuming and important part of scooping wood chips by cutting material. In this process, the shape finally becomes like a drill.

What is the real thrill and reward of your work?

We think about the product shape and drawings by ourselves and make samples. There are various inspections, but if they pass, they will actually be commercialized, and when they are lined up at each store and purchased by customers, it will be rewarding and fulfilling.

What are you aware of when you work?

After all, grooving is the most important part that becomes a drill and shape, and each one uses a dedicated machine, and there are many setups, etc., which is very time-consuming. And I am careful not to give any defects. Even if I get a defect, I try to be conscious of not getting the same defect by devising my own way.

What is the fun of the holidays?

I value time with my old friends. My hobby is baseball, and on holidays I play baseball with my friends. Also, when I am tired from work, I relax at home by playing games.

What are your goals and goals?

By making a big hit with the new products I developed, I would like to contribute to the sales of the company and promote myself.

What made you join the company?

After graduating from high school, I was wondering whether to go on to school or get a job, but when I learned that my relatives were working at our company, I wanted to take on the challenge.



  • 7:30

    Arrive at work

  • 7:45

    Machine startup
    Daily total check of the previous day

  • 8:20

    After setup processing work

  • 10:00


  • 10:30

    Processing work


  • 12:00

    Lunch break

  • 12:45

    Processing work

  • 15:00

    Cleaning (5S activity: tidy, tidy, clean, discipline)

  • 16:00

    Unannounced inspection

  • 17:30

    Leave the company