Our colleagues are kind

Production department - N.L Vietnam trainee


What made you decide to come and work in Japan?

We have ONISHI VN in Dong Nai Province, Vietnam, and I first joined Onishi Vietnam. Then, the factory manager of Onishi Vietnam found out that the head office factory is in Japan and recommended it.

What kind of work have you experienced at our company so far?

Lathe process, nail insertion process, milling process, squeeze blade process

What are the good points of our company?

Our colleagues are kind, enthusiastic and very kind. We had a welcome party and took us to a meal (ramen sushi) with our seniors.

What was the difficult job?

After all, there are many machines that are characteristic of the lathe process, and there are many program operations. The place where it failed is the lathe. It failed when the shaft was machined due to a mistake in the program.

What is the fun of the holidays?

I study Japanese, go to church, play soccer with my friends, and go to temples.

What are your future goals and what you want to learn?

I would like to challenge other processes and learn techniques such as machine operation.

Message from seniors

It was around the time when he was enthusiastic about seriously difficult tasks.
They do it calmly and steadily, so they rarely make the same mistakes. I also talk with jokes during breaks at work, have humor, and have a lot of fun together. The first thing I would like to praise is that the products we manufacture must be measured in units of 1/10 or 1/100, so digital caliper measuring instruments are indispensable.
However, it is indispensable to calibrate it because it causes an error after many years of use. And he was saved because he noticed the details that are not commonplace even for us Japanese.


Message to Vietnamese trainees in the future

When I came to Japan, I didn't understand Japanese very well, so I had a lot of trouble. Therefore, it is very difficult to come to Japan without understanding Japanese. Especially if you don't understand Japanese, your work will not progress. Therefore, the more you can speak Japanese before you go to Japan, the easier your life in Japan will be and the more good chances you will have. So please study Japanese well before you go to Japan.

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